HELP AGM 8th February 2018 - a short report

Our outgoing President, Sylvia said a big thank you to all - " Geoff for the accounts which must be one big headache; Anne who has writers’ cramp; Jenny for stepping in on last minute emergencies; Pearl who had to resign thank you for all the service you have given us for many years; Pat for organizing all the interpreting and all the interpreters for their hard work; Eileen for renewal of subscriptions and welcoming new members; Rob for all the monies he has raised with the raffle and outside activities; Marilyn for organizing all social events and coach trips which have been a great success; Jackie for all the people she has helped. We couldn’t do without her; Annette for doing a great job until she had to resign because of health reasons; Brian and Pat for stepping in and also Garry and Emma for taking over the equipment and have done a fantastic job; and Maureen who is always the first to say I’ll do that. It takes up a lot of their time up and I don’t know how they have time for a social life but a big big big thank you."

When Sylvia first started as President she couldn’t have done the job without the guidance and help from Anne and Geoff Rose. A big thank you goes to them, and also, to Andrea for stepping in when Sylvia's husband John, sadly died . Andrea has had so much work to attend to and has done a fantastic job. A big than you too, to all members and the committee for helping and supporting Sylvia through a traumatic year. Sylvia has now handed over the baton to Garry as new President, and we wish him well in his new role and look forward to the new ideas he has for HELP's future