A report from our President, Bill on a BBQ fundraiser for the Emaus Children's home, Relleu

"Sophie and I visited Relleu, for the fundraiser BBQ on Saturday. It was my first time at the Emaus home for children and I liked the place, very much. It is a home in the best meaning of the word. One can see that it isn't just a family house but anyone who has children under the age of ten will have the same drawings on the fridge and toys lying about the place. It isn't a "Fussy" institution. While it doubles as a school it doesn't give that "Schoolroom" impression. The fine old Spanish country building is as welcoming as any that I have previously visited. (cont. under 'read more')

Many residents of Relleu supported the day and they reflected the "Ex-Pat" numbers in the village. Mostly British with Belgian friends in view too. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the ambiance and the entertainment. The compere was a Scot who was happy to sing a selection of 50s and 60s songs, with gusto and a good slice of elan. i found the dance duo, A Touch of Class, to be very entertaining and would be happy to see them perform again. I liked their comedic routines and their Country and Western set too. It didn't quite work out, on the day, but they do "Audience Participation", as part of their act. Shame that it didn't work on Sunday.
We met some lovely people and had a great time - an altercation with a Scorpion Centipede - could have dampened the day but a quick and observant neighbour saved that particular day!!"