Message from our President, Bill

"Seems to have been a short summer break, yes, it was short, we finished two weeks later than usual and will start two weeks early. Our first meeting of the 2014/15 session will be on Thursday 4th September at 11am. Arriving by ten o'clock allows time for a drink and a chat with other members. I understand that the unofficial motto of the Special Air Service is 'Learn by other people's mistakes'. We get together, discuss our own highs and lows and allow others to profit from our experience. (continued under 'read more')

We have enjoyed, in some cases suffered, a hot and dry summer. The August tourist invasion is now over. Cars with tarpaulin covered stuff on the roof abound, on the A7, all heading towards the French border. Another month and the 'Snowbirds' will be returning to their winter nests and welcomed back into our midst.
Everyone, Old, Young and inbetween, is welcome at our gatherings. Just turn up or phone first, if you wish, for more information. The nice lady behind the restaurant counter will be happy to make you the drink of your choice and the members will be happy to include you into their midst." Bill Steel, President, HELP International, Benidorm