Meeting with Daniel Pruce (Deputy Ambassador) and Lloyd Milen, Vice Consul

Meeting with Daniel Pruce and Lloyd Milden

On Friday 28th February, HELP International Benidorm had a visit from Deputy Head of Mission Daniel Pruce (Ambassador’s deputy), from Madrid and the Alicante Vice Consul, Lloyd Milen. (click below for more......)

Daniel came to find out about the work of HELP Benidorm, in general, and the visiting of English speaking patients at the Marina Baixa hospital, VillaJoyosa in particular. Lloyd was already acquainted with the group. President, Bill Steel, Vice president and Welfare coordinator, Christine Lane and Equipment coordinator, Bev Vernon were there to introduce Daniel to our organisation. Daniel showed much interest in the work of HELP Benidorm and asked if he too could become a member. The membership form is in the post! Daniel and Lloyd also met some of the other volunteers who help to keep the ball rolling, Sophie Brimblecombe and Alan Vernon.

The subjects raised were, hospital visiting and aftercare, as well as the day to day contact with people in crisis. The carrying of the EHIC card and how to persuade people that they should carry one, as well as the number of British NOT in a position of legal residence and if not, why not? Nor could Daniel understand why the Padron isn’t fully supported. Christine and Bev spoke about handling calls for help, in general, and sudden crises in particular. No one seems to plan for the worst and Benidorm appears to be considered a British territory with no need for travel insurance. This is fine until the leg breaks or the heart decides on strike.

It was suggested that the airlines could link the EHIC card to their own booking process. Writing a line of computer code is all that may be needed, possibly in the section where the passport number is recorded.