AGM. January 2008

AGM 2008

AGM. Our AGM was held early this year on the 31st of January 2008. Due to circumstances our President Sue Ruela resigned before the AGM. Sue really was a great asset to Help and worked tirelessly to assist all sorts of diverse and critical situations that we now have to deal with in Benidorm. Sue will be missed very much and we wish her all the best. Ann and Josie too had decided to step down from the' Memberships' task and resign from the committee.

The AGM went smoothly and the committee were accepted. The president urged any members to come forward and assist the committee with the mounting tasks involved with the organization. They do not have to be a committee member. Caroline, Visits Co-ordinator, requested a helper to assist her with her work load. It would need someone to take over when Caroline was away or unavailable and it would be with guidance and direction. Anne and Josie and Sue were thanked for their time on the committee and the work they had done. Ann had been responsible for the completion of Membership details becoming computerized.