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The Big Shop!

The Big Shop

The Monthly 'BIG SHOP' just got bigger !! More big hearted residents from Camping Armanello have joined our quest to support the Relleu childrens home. The monthly food provision makes such a big difference to the homes budget, allowing the dedicated staff team to pay other bills, heating, lighting etc. Massive thank you to all those who contributed.

Meeting with Cruz Roja and the British Consulate

Our President, Bill, has, along with Beverley and Robert signed an agreement for partnership working between the British Embassy, HELP and the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) in Alicante. He recently attended a meeting with Cruz Roja and the British Consul, and learned a lot about recent changes in Spain - for instance ambulances must now belong to a private organisation and can no longer be run by local Town Halls. The consulate would like all local charities to communicate and co-operate with each other and to share ideas.

Extraordinary General Meeting 5th November 2015

There will be an Extraordinary General Meeting taking place as part of our regular 5th November meeting. Would members make their best effort to attend, or if you are unable, please register your 'apologies for absence' so that we are able to reach the numbers necessary for a quorum. Members attending must be 'fully paid up'.

Beware of pickpockets!!

Several members have told us about the women who are operating in and around Benidorm as pickpockets. They often work in groups of up to four. They target men and have been very successful in pickpocketing wallets. The police do not seem to be able to intervene effectively. There is seldom enough evidence for an arrest, and in the main these crimes are regarded as petty. Always be vigilant and avoid putting your wallet in you back pocket. One member did show us his wallet which had a chain attached. This may act as a deterrent.

Fund raising success at the Marina Hotel in aid of the Children's home in Relleu

An Amazing €2800 was raised for the Children's home at Relleu, by HELP, at a fund raising at the Marina Hotel on 12th July 2015. Congratulations to everyone involved for all your hard work and to those with deep pockets!

Informal Summer meeetings

Although we don't have our regular Thursday meetings until 3rd September - for those of you that would like to meet up for an informal chat and a coffee (or something stronger!) - our treasurer and membership secretary, Geoff and Anne, will be at the Social Centre each Thursday morning if you would like to come along and see them.

Summer closure until 3rd September 2015

HELP International, Benidorm held it's last meeting prior to the summer break last Thursday, 11th June. All our services are still available during the summer holidays - please go to our Contacts page for telephone numbers. Our weekly meetings will resume on Thursday 3rd September as normal. Have a lovely summer and keep looking at our pages for news of social events.

Visit from the school children from Valencia 28th May 2015

DON'T FORGET!!!!!!!!!!! We have our lively young visitors from the school in Valencia coming to see us on 28th May at the Social Centre. Please note that there will be no ordinary meeting on this day. If you want to join in the fun and help them with their English, then come along and join us. Let Bill (President) know if you are coming.

Fundraising at Cumberland Bar, Benidorm 1st May 2015

John and Sylvia of HELP International would like to thank Tony and his staff at THE CUMBERLAND BAR,for the use of his premises for the highly successful social evening and fundraiser for HELP International ,which raised 401 euros in a few hours,thanks to the efforts of Rob,Andrea and Eileen. A big thank you also to the generous donors as follows:-

HELP International come to the aid of young couple with premature baby

Premature baby.JPG

Just to let you all know that our Welfare Officer and Vice President, Christine Lane has been helping the young couple who came on holiday to Benidorm and now have a premature baby, Freddy. Unfortunately she started to have her baby at 29 weeks. Freddy is in San Juan hospital and doing well. Mum and Dad, Jordan and Karla are staying nearby at a hotel. In the picture is Karla holding baby gifts donated by HELP Benidorm. We are having a fund raising for them on Friday at the Cumberland bar in Benidorm - so come along, have fun and help someone in need!

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