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Remember - if you have been resident outside the UK for LESS than 15 YEARS, that you can vote by post in the upcoming referendum on 23rd June 2016.
You can use your last known UK address to register for voting, if you are not already registered and to download a postal vote application form go to:-
This can be either posted to your last council office area, or scanned and emailed to them. The deadline for applying for a postal vote is 8th June 2016 - don't leave it too late!!

Goodbye to Beverley and Alan

Presentation to Bev and Alan

We were all very sad to say goodbye to Beverley and Alan, much valued members of HELP. They did a splendid job of manning the post of Equipment organisers on the committee, and by their hard work and dedication raised many euros in donations from people who borrowed our various equipment for the less able. We wish them luck and happiness in their new life back in the UK.

Annual General Meeting, Help International, Benidorm - Thursday 4th February 2016

Would all Help members note that it is our Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 4th February 2016, to be held at the José Lorca Llinares Social Centre, Benidorm (our usual meeting place). Please arrive from 10.15 am as the meeting will start promptly at 11 am. IMPORTANT- All members attending must have fully paid up membership and their membership cards in order to attend. If you are unable to attend, please can you ensure that you let us know by email or phone (see contacts page on our web site and give 'apologies for absence' to allow us to make our quorum.


Our meeting on Thursday 10th December is cancelled, and our next meeting will be on Thursday 7th January 2016. Please help by sharing cars or even taxis to get to meetings to keep down the number of parking places needed. There is some parking available at the Foietes Sports centre, and the number 1 bus runs nearby. We have investigated alternative venues, but have decided that as an important part of our meetings is the coffee and chat, the Social Centre is still the best place to meet. We look forward to our Christmas Dinner celebration on 18th December 2015.

Retirement of our Vice President and Welfare Coordinator

Christine, our much valued Vice President and Welfare Coordinator was presented with a gold "Helping Hands" on a gold chain, to mark her retirement from HELP International Benidorm. We thought it very appropriate and she, obviously, agreed. Flowers were also presented and it was noted that she has a week to enjoy them, before she flies off to her family in Australia. She has been with the organisation for most of her twelve years in Spain and has covered every volunteer post going!! Everyone here wishes her the very best of health and happiness in her Australian home. She will be much missed!

Parking Problems at Jose Llorca Linares Centre, Benidorm

PARKING PROBLEM ALERT AT JOSE LLORCA LINARES SOCIAL CENTRE, BENIDORM - Benidorm is building an underground car park, on the grounds next to the Centre. Parking is a nightmare and will be for two years, apparently. We really haven't any choice about holding the next meeting and the Christmas Fayre at the centre. No-one was told about this, the people at the Centre were as much in the dark as anyone else. Men turned up and put up fencing....that was that!!! So those of you that have to come by car - see if you can arrange a 'car share' to keep the number of cars down to a minimum.

The Big Shop!

The Big Shop

The Monthly 'BIG SHOP' just got bigger !! More big hearted residents from Camping Armanello have joined our quest to support the Relleu childrens home. The monthly food provision makes such a big difference to the homes budget, allowing the dedicated staff team to pay other bills, heating, lighting etc. Massive thank you to all those who contributed.

Meeting with Cruz Roja and the British Consulate

Our President, Bill, has, along with Beverley and Robert signed an agreement for partnership working between the British Embassy, HELP and the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) in Alicante. He recently attended a meeting with Cruz Roja and the British Consul, and learned a lot about recent changes in Spain - for instance ambulances must now belong to a private organisation and can no longer be run by local Town Halls. The consulate would like all local charities to communicate and co-operate with each other and to share ideas.

Extraordinary General Meeting 5th November 2015

There will be an Extraordinary General Meeting taking place as part of our regular 5th November meeting. Would members make their best effort to attend, or if you are unable, please register your 'apologies for absence' so that we are able to reach the numbers necessary for a quorum. Members attending must be 'fully paid up'.

Beware of pickpockets!!

Several members have told us about the women who are operating in and around Benidorm as pickpockets. They often work in groups of up to four. They target men and have been very successful in pickpocketing wallets. The police do not seem to be able to intervene effectively. There is seldom enough evidence for an arrest, and in the main these crimes are regarded as petty. Always be vigilant and avoid putting your wallet in you back pocket. One member did show us his wallet which had a chain attached. This may act as a deterrent.

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